Wet Wet Wet.

No matter when you read this, know that at the exact same moment, I’m wishing I could eat what’s in this picture.

My trip to MOS Burger was both successful and soak-sessful (har har). The earlier rain had gotten somewhat worse, and the wind had picked up, so even though I carried an umbrella, I still got wet. Dinner was a shrimp cutlet (not exactly a burger, more of a sandwich), fries with a sweet chili sauce (80 yen extra, but highly recommended by my friend Takashi, who worked at MOS in his youth), and white grape soda (recommended by the nice counter girl because I asked her favorite).

After that, I took the long way home (though technically, there’s no real short way to MOS from here). I asked about prepaid phones at two places: the first was an electronics store, where the friendly girl told me in reallyfastJapanese that they had none, and I should check a Softbank near… some station. She apparently thought I knew more than I do, and I didn’t have the heart to ask her to repeat everything, only slower. I also asked at a Docomo place, and the clerk who saw me smiled and froze at the same time, torn between “Customer Service Mode ON” and “Oh Shit A Gaijin What Do I Do.” I asked him the same question about prepaid phones in correct Japanese, and his response was “Docomo no” (as in the opposite of “Docomo yes”).  Really? That’s all you got for me?

I spent some downtime after I got back, letting some clothes dry and knocking around the ‘net.

The Aeon Mall bookstore. (Photo taken 5/3/15.)

On the way back, I stopped at the Aeon again and visited the bookstore. Earlier, Josh had found an elementary-school kanji book that listed stroke order, meaning, 音読み and 訓読み, and gave space to practice. He’d gotten the last copy, so I ordered the one he got plus the next, and found one that had fill-in-the-blank exercises (which seemed like a good challenge). The ordering itself took everyone in the store, apparently; as I struggled with the correct words for “order” and such, the employees kept coming by to help (or listen). Must have been a boring shift. Three days, they told me, which will be around Friday.

I also bought yet more snacks from the MaxValu upstairs, went back to my room, and watched some Japanese late TV while stuffing my face. Actually, I’m annoyingly tired right now, but our first class tomorrow isn’t at 9, it’s at 10:40, so if I go to bed too early, I’ll be up WAY too early.

That’s all I have for tonight. Hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.


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