Seven days.

A cozy side street, typical of our little corner of the city.

Nice weather today, but with a 40% chance of rain looming, it couldn’t last forever. It was dry until evening, rained a bit, and dried up before I went out to dinner. Today also marked one full week of being in Japan.

Classes began with Japanese today under Dr. Oomura. Again, easy, but also useful. Next was a class on Japanese society taught by Professor Kowalczyk, who brought three of his grad students (two Japanese girls and a Chinese girl), and spent most of the class asking us about ourselves. He’s pretty passionate about peace and the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and also anti-political and anti-religion, but he didn’t overdo it or offend anyone that I could tell.

Everyone vanished again after class, and the people assigned to be Mike’s and my conversation partners haven’t yet contacted us, so I ended up tagging along with Josh and Warren with two of their people to an okonomiyaki place called てらまえ. I’m still not exactly sure what was in it aside from cabbage and some sort of batter. (You can choose your meat, too; I chose pork over squid.) It was good, but not my favorite. Their people, Takahiro and Yayoi, were really friendly.

The three of us said goodbye to the Japanese students and meandered home, pausing to take a few nice shots of small streets. They went to study, while I rested my feet and finally transferred my photos to the computer (and a few to Facebook). I’ve taken fewer than I intended, but I don’t always have the opportunity to get a good shot. Maybe I’ll just start snapping photos no matter what the occasion.

As night fell, I went to Kawachi-Kosaka station and got a ticket for Nipponbashi, which is home to Den-Den Town, the geek-mecca equivalent to Akihabara. I keep forgetting that a lot of Japanese stores close at 8:00 or 8:30, so I had little time, but I managed to find a used Moetan DS game for under $10 equivalent, and snagged a Japanese copy of the first Haruhi light novel (which came with some little lenticular card).

Dinner was MOS Burger, just because. I had an odd sandwich whose bun was made from fried sticky rice and contents were shrimp, onion, and a couple other ingredients. Tasty and filling, but the rice-bun starts to fall apart from its own weight about halfway through eating it. I’ll stick to the shrimp cutlets and burgers there.

I’m worn out again tonight, and we have a trip to Nara after class tomorrow, so I should hit the hay.


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