I slept in as much as I could on Sunday. In the afternoon, I headed back to Nipponbashi to look for out-of-print CDs. I managed to find a few more おまけ magazines and a pile of used music and drama CDs, most of which were out of print or hard to get. I’m gonna have so much crap to drag home, packing will be a tricky prospect. Still, I haven’t finished looking everywhere. Guess I’ll have to go back one more time.

Afterward, Josh, Warren, and I worked on finishing our PowerPoint for this week. Warren’s laptop glitched out for a while, delaying us by an hour or so, and we ended up going to bed later than we’d have liked, but it was finished. The plan was to do it for a class of students in E-Cube on Monday, then again in Tuesday’s class with Oomura-sensei.

Today, after we had our classes (Huizenga’s law and Ueda-sensei’s Japanese) and lunch, we went back to the floor where we take said classes to see the 茶道 (tea ceremony) club. It was not particularly formal, being a college club, so they didn’t wear kimonos, nor did they prepare the tea in front of us. We were given a bean-paste sweet first, then served a small measure of green tea in a deep, wide cup. Pick it up, turn it, three and a half swigs to finish, etc. My problem is that I’ve never been good at sitting on the floor. Seiza, cross-legged, doesn’t matter. When I took aikido, I was better, but I think I overdid it when I used to try to get my legs and joints used to it. Still, it was educational, but not as entertaining as some of the other cultural classes we’ve visited (e.g. calligraphy, flower arrangement).

Afterward, we went to E-Cube and waited until it was time for our presentation… but no one mentioned it. The class we were supposedly going to present to gave us three presentations (only one person each), covering Horyuji Temple, Shigeru Mizuki’s “Gegege no Kitaro” (and the town that honors the manga), and takoyaki (and its preparation). We got to try some takoyaki, and the students asked us some questions, but no one ever asked us about our presentations, so we kept our mouths shut (since we hadn’t been keen on doing them in the first place). The one problem with having the event in that building was that the rest of the room continued as normal, making things terribly noisy and hard to hear — they had to get a microphone for the presenters, and even that wasn’t a complete solution.

The guys and I stayed after to talk to some of the Japanese students who wanted to practice their English, including three people who studied in Davis, CA a while back and whose English was really very good (with one girl having an excellent accent). We took a slightly different path back to the hotel, which is where I am now. I’m gonna head out for a quick bite, then tweak tomorrow’s presentation with Josh and Warren before bed.

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