Quick follow-up.

Josh and I went out to get a quick bite at Torikizoku, a chain that’s known for its skewered meats and 280円-per-menu-item food. I’d eaten there before, and it was good, so I knew it’d be worthwhile. Josh got what I got last time — gyuukushi — while I got small ground-chicken patties topped with some sort of white cheese. DELICIOUS. We followed it up with barbecued chicken leg (also skewered) topped with chili oil, which was good, but not as good as what we’d started with.

Our host sat us down and gave us an English menu (so we knew what stuff was; damn food words) and spoke a little English. I asked where he studied, and he told me, “A Japanese university.” I asked for clarification, and he said he was a third-year at Kansai Gaidai! I gladly told him we’d had some people from there come to WVU last fall, and maybe we had some of the same friends. I named a few people off the top of my head, and he actually recognized Seira and Masaaki! Said he didn’t know them well, but he knew the names. 「小さい世界ね?」 (small world, huh?) I asked him, and he agreed. I asked if I could get a picture for Facebook purposes, which he allowed. He even waited near the register when Josh and I paid, and I told him we’d ask Seira and Masaaki about him. Mark another restaurant where they love us after only a couple visits.

Okay, bedtime. We have a long day tomorrow, but it starts about an hour and forty minutes later.


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