Winding down.

It’s been a slow day today. The 7-11 across the street from us, which has been in the process of being set up since we arrived, finally opened today with massive discounts. (For example: onigiri is 80円, bento are 198円, melon bread is 75円.)

Before I say anything else, I have to state here that on the way to school, I found one vending machine on a side street that actually stocked Pepsi Twist. I’d seen machines with outdated splash logos for it, but this was the first machine with the actual product. Pepsi Twist is my favorite soft drink, and has been discontinued for quite some time. To find it in Japan (and Spain a few years ago) was a godsend, and I availed myself of the opportunity both going and coming. Why couldn’t I have found that machine in the first week?

Anyway, we had our last classes with Kiyoshima-sensei and Kitayama-sensei, then joined our conversation partners (Kazuma, Katsunori, Sayaka), along with Ashe and Rosemarry and their people (Yuta, Eri, Kotomi) for lunch. Some ate okonomiyaki, but our table went with yakisoba (Mike and I had shrimp), which we cooked on the table (just like the okonomiyaki).

I hadn’t slept well, so I came back and took a nap… until Heaven came by and started talking to Mike about World of Warcraft roughly twelve feet from my head. Still, I needed the sleep. Afterward, Nou-sensei agreed to let a few of us do our laundry there to cut our costs, and when I finished, I took the wet clothes to the laundromat we’d visited before to dry them. My room’s full of people right now (having two separate conversations with background music), a few of us finishing that sake, and the day’s basically over. The fact that we’re nearly done with our classes and our trip will end a week later is sinking in, but we’re trying not to dwell on it.


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