Waiting game.

I finished and handed in my paperwork, and it’s been sent off to ASU. I’ve applied for two online scholarships and a handful of WVU scholarships, and should hear back by the end of May or early June. My name has also been submitted for JASSO, the scholarship that’s funded by the Japanese government; it would be an amazing honor if I were to receive that one. As for my local schooling, I took my last final today, and only have to proctor an exam for a teaching practicum class.

In short, I’m basically done with this semester and with most of the preparations for next semester, and all I can do now is wait.

Oh, there’ll be my visa application, and probably a few last-minute things, but there’s nothing I can do right now except wait for the next step in this process. It’s not so bad, since I know things will happen, and I’m grateful for the break from all the damn paperwork. I would, however, like to know my scholarship status sooner rather than later. Ah, well. しょうがない、as they say.


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