Loose ends.

Today was designated as my recovery day. Sleep in, shop for a few things I need, take it easy.

So named because the area is called Hane (“wing”).

My first trip out was to a place called WinG toWn (yes, just like that). It’s basically a mall, kind of like Aeon. I was in the market for a prepaid phone from Softbank, and I thought I was safe from being asked for an alien registration card until right at the end. It’s actually written into the documentation. (Optional identification includes Japanese driver’s license, health insurance card, and other things I can’t get.) What I did get was a handful of snacks (Umaibou, Dars chocolate, some Pretz), a few cup ramen for the kitchen (I get my own shelf in a cabinet), a big bottle of royal milk tea, and a handful of things from their supermarket deli for lunch. I also bought some labels for anything I want to store in the fridge and a small-but-not-as-small-as-the-others bath towel.

My second trip out was after I’d eaten lunch. It was sprinkling a little, but nothing too bad. I stopped in at a Daiso, which is like a 105円-with-some-higher-prices shop. My only purchase of note there was a package of paper towels to have when I eat; I learned mid-lunch that there was nothing in the shared kitchen to wipe my hands and mouth with. By the time I left, it was straight-up raining, but I was on a mission: the house slippers at the 100円 shop in WinG toWn and Daiso hadn’t suited me (i.e. they were too small), but a Daiso employee had told me there was an Aeon mall down the road a bit.

The massive Aeon mall in Okazaki.

By the time I arrived, I was well and truly soaked, but I was more amazed at the size of the Aeon — it was an honest-to-god mall, filled with shops and restaurants. After some hunting and asking around, I located a pair of slippers that were comfortable, sized correctly, and not-girly. Purchases in hand, I set about returning home. In the rain. As I passed the Daiso again, I bought a cheap umbrella for other times — didn’t open it on the way home, though, because by then it really wouldn’t have helped.

Rairaitei, how I’ve missed you.

Halfway drenched anyway, and armed with slippers and towel, I had a shower and dried off in the AC (since the humidity had jacked up pretty high by then). I did some checking online and found that Aichi has Mos Burger, Torikizoku, and Rairaitei. The website said there were Mos and Rairaitei not too far away — the opposite direction from the Daiso — and when it was time for dinner, off I went. Long story short, the Mos Burger was apparently replaced by a Lawson’s maybe two months ago (with another Lawson’s only blocks away). The Rairaitei, however, was very much alive. Feet aching the whole time, I had the shouyu katamen with chopped negi and chaashuu, and it was amazing. I asked one of the employees at one point, “Pardon me, but have I already died? Is this Heaven?” She laughed.

I’m back now, drying in the AC again. The rain largely stopped, but the humidity is pretty bad. I’ve run into a few other students here, but haven’t talked long. I spoke to a few girls down in the kitchen, but I was so sweaty, I couldn’t stand to be around myself.

I figure someone will tell me about an entrance test tomorrow, since classes start Thursday. I’ve also gotta make some calls, but it looks like they’ll all be from a pay phone.

You know, for a day of recovery, I haven’t really taken it easy.

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