Will you let me receive the allowance to go?

After what seemed like a long adjustment period (owing to my somewhat-early arrival), I had my first day of classes today.

It’s odd, really; Yamasa starts class on Friday, but gives weekends off. Friday is also a short day, meaning we were done by about noon. The class I’m in has all of three people, all of us American. We started with the causative form (to make/allow someone to do something), something I’ve been practicing on my own with mild success. Our instructor, Fukuda-sensei, is very friendly and bright. She gave us a couple homework pages at the end, and I figure I’ll do them in some of the downtime I expect to have a lot of.

I finally got to hang out with some of my dormmates last night, talking and joking and eating. Someone bought an N64, since they’re really cheap now, so they messed around with Super Smash Brothers for a bit. Apparently, most of them went off to karaoke tonight. I figure they don’t really know me well enough to invite me, which is fine. I’m the new guy.

I had a light nap after class, then headed to WinG toWn to look for dinner. I restocked my beverages for the kitchen, bought a package of frozen, microwaveable edamame (nowhere near as cheap as in the U.S.), and for my entree, a shrimp cutlet sandwich from a shop inside the center. I’ve got half the package of edamame left for later. At seven, Declan met me in front of the laundromat so we could go to a place called Nitori. He recommended it for purposes of buying a cheap foam mattress to put under my futon so I don’t lie in agony. I finally had the chance to chat with him one on one in a non-scholastic setting, which was nice; I was a bit over-questiony when setting up this whole enterprise, and I made sure to apologize and ask him more about himself (since I knew next to nothing). The mattress was 1990円, which isn’t too bad, only I wasn’t pleased about finding yet another unexpected expense. I’ll try to fit it into a suitcase and take it home to use next semester or whenever, but if I can’t, I guess I’ll hand it off, sell it cheap, or leave it for the next guy.

Anyway, with nearly everyone gone and most of my TV shows finished, I don’t really have much to do. It’s a little late to start messing with the trains, and not having a keitai does limit my planning ability, so I guess I’ll see about doing something or going somewhere tomorrow.


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