For your edification.

Things Previous Inhabitants Have Left Me

  • A small, yellow trash can. I can’t be sure about this one, but the other desk in the room doesn’t have one, so I’m guessing.
  • A short length of CAT-5 cable, which is the perfect length to jack into the ‘net.
  • A horizontal hook thingy attached to the metal shelf I’m using; it’s where I hang my hand towel.
  • A handful of miscellaneous hangers in the closet. I’m not actually using the closet, but I use two of the hangers to dry my bath towels on.
  • A small cushion, which I’m using to make this office chair less uncomfortable.
  • A clear pushpin, stuck in the wall. I finally stashed it in the desk.
  • Labels, written in German, affixed to the desk drawers, telling me what was stored in which drawer at some point.

Things I’ve Had To Buy Since Arriving

  • A towel (for shower purposes).
  • A pair of house slippers.
  • A three-section foam mattress to put under my futon so I don’t wake up in agony.
  • Paper towels.
  • Diphenhydramine and batteries (AKA two things I should have brought with me).

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