Mountain Ocean Sun.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mos Burger.

Thanks to Eugenio, the guy down the hall, I found a Mos Burger nearby the dorm.
Okay, “nearby” isn’t the right word, here. Maybe I should say “roughly within walking distance.” It’s kind of a long walk, and involves a bridge. That didn’t stop me from walking there the day before yesterday to eat — though I was still under the weather, so it was an uncomfortable round trip. Not far away in that direction is also a place I’d heard other dorm people mention, a department store called “Feel News” (remember, it’s Japan). This neighborhood may not have many convenience stores, but when it comes to larger places, there’s no shortage. I stopped in on the way back just to see, and earmarked it for later.

By yesterday, I had finally shaken whatever was ailing me, thankfully. I wandered over to WinG toWn to nose around the game center, but there was noting in the machines I wanted. I did, however, see a girl working there whom I’d said hello to during my last visit. She seemed nice, and while we were talking, I got hung up on some grammar point, at which point she told me English was okay. Apparently, she’d studied with English-speaking teachers in Okinawa for a while, so her English was pretty good. We talked for a while, switching back and forth between languages, until she offered to take me somewhere to eat sometime after she was done with work. That sounded suspiciously like a roundabout way of her asking me out. To sum up, I’m meeting her tomorrow at five, when she’s off work, to go get sushi somewhere.

Once I got back, I was hungry, and decided it was high time I tried my hand at the Meitetsu buses again. (Considering my misinformation-driven experience with them last week, it was about time.) Thus, I caught the bus nearby the Mini Stop/Laundream plaza in front of our dorm so I could visit Mos Burger again (yes, again). It was a smooth ride, and relatively fast… but cost me way more than an equivalent ride in the U.S. would have. Still, I think I could whittle it down by getting on at the next stop down and getting off a stop early…

Last night was also the birthday of one of the (many) Taiwanese girls here in the dorm, a friendly girl named Setsu. They had a party, but being too new, I’m still out of the loop. I’m finding it difficult to become part of the group here.

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