It’s not perfect, y’know…

A Few Little Things About Japan I’m Not Fond Of

Public Restrooms: First of all, there aren’t very many. Second, when you do find one, it may or may not have a hand dryer, and almost certainly no soap. Paper towels, in my experience, are never provided.

Napkins: Speaking of paper products, Japanese napkins are nearly useless, when they’re actually napkins at all. Many restaurants simply provide a cheap box of tissues, and everyone just pretends they’re napkins. In train stations and subways, toilet paper is also not a guarantee. (My personal opinion is that they use most of their lumber to make 割り箸 and don’t have enough left for napkins and TP.)

Public Trash Cans: I don’t mind separating my trash, but finding places to put one’s trash in public is a problem. Near drink vending machines, there’s usually one receptacle for bottles and cans (often overflowing), and outside of convenience stores, you’ll nearly always find a bank of trash cans, but that’s basically it. Carry it with you.

Free Soda Refills At Restaurants: Nonexistent, from what I’ve seen. And asking for no ice to get more soda doesn’t work; the machines pour a set amount per cup.


2 thoughts on “It’s not perfect, y’know…

  1. If you happen to go to a camping or sports supply store, you can get a little matchbook-sized container of soap papers… little pieces of paper that dissolve into soap in water. I always have them around, might be useful for the traveler.

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