The weather today has been perfect. Overcast, cool, breezy. It’s a nice change from the recent humidity. In other news, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get into the dorm’s social group. I was hoping to be able to both study and make friends, but it doesn’t seem to be my decision to make.

Today was my first private lesson with a woman named Kawamori-sensei (河盛先生). She’d set up a custom lesson for me, which was excellent, and after a short conversation where we exchanged self-introductions, we got to it. I had submitted a moderate-sized list of grammatical points and common-use words I’ve never been taught, and she started with a couple of those, using pictures she’d drawn to illustrate her points. At the end, she even assigned homework, which I welcomed; practice is what I want and need. (For those who care, I’m working on ~合う and 気ーbased phrases to start). Next class is Friday.

As for the weekend, I’m going to look into going to Osaka, if I can. If not, maybe I can finally connect with someone who’s already here. For tonight, though, I have plenty of homework from my regular lessons. It not only gets me using the new grammar and vocab, it helps pass the abundant free time I find myself with every single day.


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