Osaka Revisited.

After spending a few hours in the Yamasa office yesterday, monopolizing a really nice woman’s time, I managed to get a cheap bus to Osaka and a cheap hotel room there! I’m packed and almost ready to head out. I even have a fresh shower, since the humidity’s really high.

Problem #1: The JP ATMs I used last year to withdraw money won’t let me withdraw from my credit card’s advance fund. This is a problem, since I’m low on cash and don’t want to pay transaction fees for small purchases. I’ve asked my mother, whose name is also on the account and who has more direct access to these people, to look into it. Trying to contact them via phone requires Skype and planning for their business hours, while e-mail will take two or three business days.

Problem #2: The hotel has no in-room internet access. It has an “internet corner,” which tells me it’ll cost to use, so I’m not even gonna bother taking the ‘netbook; it’s one more thing to carry, and I won’t be able to use it, anyway. (I learned my lesson last year in Fukuoka.)

Thus, I’ll be taking the duffel full of clothes and the backpack not really full at all. One of my new classmates — more on that later — is also coincidentally going to Osaka this weekend, and he’s a nerd like me, so I gave him my e-mail in case he wants to go to Den-Den Town with me.

I sent messages to almost 40 people… and got responses from less than half. Of those who responded few have other plans or obligations, a couple aren’t really close by, and several have part-time jobs. I did hear back from a few people, though, all of them well past college, so we’ll see — most of them seem to be free Saturday night, so I may have to do a group thing.

Anyway, I should finish up and go. I’ll be back on Sunday night (local time) with photos and stories — good ones, I hope.

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