Three days of excess, day one.

My weekend started early this week, due to our resident Canadian, Darby, setting up a get-together for her birthday on Thursday. Before that, though, we had to say goodbye to a few people.

See, when you leave SILAC, it doesn’t matter if you came for two weeks or twenty weeks, you get an introduction, receive a certificate, give a speech, and get several photos taken. Happens most every Thursday, since there’s always someone leaving. This time around, there were a handful of people, but the most notable was Mr. Kim, Korean-born but based in California, who’s lived in America since 1957, served as a doctor in Vietnam, practiced neurosurgery before retiring, and is knowledgeable about American culture, history, and politics. He’s a really nice man, and had been in SILAC for quite some time, also taking private lessons every day. His vocabulary was impressive, and his knowledge of English allowed him to quick-translate a handful of words for us when we didn’t understand. Everyone turned out to wish him off, and I think he’ll be missed here.

Seriously, two freakin’ liters.

At 6:00 came Darby’s shindig. She’d originally wanted a barbecue on campus, but they have a cutoff time of 6:00, which is when she wanted to start. Thus, we held it in the larger common room downstairs. (The smaller common room was also apprently host to some sort of gathering, which seemed odd, since nothing generally happens on Thursday.) For my contribution, I brought some yakitori and a small sushi plate from WinG toWn (marked down due to the hour, much like last year’s MaxValu), two bags of ベビースター、and a two-liter can of Asahi Super Dry beer (seriously, two liters). Darby and company bought ingredients for guacamole and several bags of chips, as well as a few other things I didn’t much feel like trying. A lot of people showed up from SILAC, as well as a few from AIJP, and a handful of people drifted from one common room to the other. I shared some of the beer, a little of the sushi, and two of the skewers of yakitori (skin and liver, which I gave to Curt, a German guy who’ll eat anything). I also shared the ベビースター via a bowl.

I’ll admit that I had slightly too much of the Asahi, but I really thought I’d get more help with it. I also met the new guy in the dorm, Javad, an American taking the culture program here, who seemed pretty shy, but was unable to withstand the onslaught of my friendly and open nature. Everyone who came seemed to have a good time, with no major problems. My only complaint was that I’d bought a six-pack of Yebisu beer, which is considered high quality (but comes with a higher price), and somebody drank two of them while I was gone. Ah, well.

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