ASU First Week, part two.

Tuesday was apparently left open for people to recover from jet lag and get settled in. I slept in as much as I was able — since I don’t sleep well in Japan for some reason — and took a trip down to a place called Hard Off with Kika, one of the Tianjin girls here. See, there’s a popular chain of stores called Book Off which sells used media, as well as a little bit of electronics, but one of their companion stores is primarily hardware (cameras, monitors, musical instruments, consoles) — thus, Hard Off. (Trust me, you’re not anywhere near the first to make that joke.) I’m considering a Japanese 360 so I can play some of the games that will never come to America, and I figure that since the Japanese take good care of their stuff and their used stores are so discerning, I can get one cheaply. The one near our dorm didn’t have any, but we browsed a bit, anyway. Afterward, we continued down the street to Seiyu for some Sugakiya ramen; their spicy ramen with scrambled egg is both cheap and tasty, and Kika agreed. It was nice to sit in the AC and chat, really, and I missed Sugakiya.

Later that evening, a group of us went to the nearby 100円 shop (Seria). I bought a glass and a small clip LED light for the room, while the girls bought various utensils and such. It’s nothing compared to Daiso, for example, but it’s all we’ve got (relatively) close by. Nothing exciting, but it was nice to finally join a group as it formed; I’ve never had problems making friends, but joining existing groups has always been tough. This is how the Yamasa Student Village should have been.


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