First Week, part three.

Wednesday was our first official day of Doing Things. We gathered down in the lobby and got a brief rundown of what we’d be doing, then headed out to get the school shuttle to campus. What followed was the standard orientation and small-group tour, which featured the hilariously named マルチメディアリソースセンター (multimedia resource center). The weather was still pretty beastly; Japan’s seasons seem to run about six weeks later than what I’m used to, and it stays hot much later in the year. It’s a pretty close-set campus, though a little mazelike if you’re not used to it, and has a 7-Eleven right next to the international office. We had lunch in their cafeteria before leaving.

After we got back to the dorm, I decided it was high time for a trip back to Akamondoori (after a much-needed shower). Kika and Paku tagged along, for lack of anything better to do, and we were off. To get into Nagoya proper, you have to board the city bus to Hoshigaoka, then switch to the subway. The way’s a little different from it was from Okazaki, and a damn sight cheaper; the bus has a flat fee instead of the per-stop charge on the Meitetsu. We got lunch at Yoshinoya, which I’d also missed, and then hit the usual spots: Gee! Store/Wonder Goo, Mandarake, and the game center. I found a couple things, but had forgotten my list (it’s a permanent addition to my wallet now). I even said hi to the Mega Kebab guys. Kika didn’t find anything she wanted, but Paku bought a little here and there, and we all ended up back at the dorm sweaty and footsore (necessitating my third shower of the day). I like these people.


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