Foam Pad Retrieval Service.

Due to Abe-sensei being unavailable on my first Wednesday of class, I unexpectedly had the day off. This worked out for me, since I had been planning a short trip to Okazaki, anyway. Mainly, I needed to pick up that foam pad I’d left behind, but I also wanted to visit the teachers and office staff for a bit. I had no real plans to leave the Yamasa campus, since I’d done that walk too many times in this sort of heat and humidity, and I’ve had some trouble contacting the students still there.

Thus, I started out from the usual bus station in front of the dorm, bought my all-day pass for city transportation (a bargain at 850円 weekdays/600円 weekends), and headed to JR Nagoya. From there, it was an easy JR ride to JR Okazaki (sadly not covered by the day pass), and a short, sweaty walk to Yamasa. I stopped by to visit the teachers, but most were in class. However, Takeuchi-sensei was there, and she was really happy to see me. We spoke for a while, but since everyone was busy, I headed to the Yamasa II office to ask about the foam pad. Apparently, Declan had given it to someone else, who’d stored it elsewhere, so it took some phone calls to find out where it was. I got to say hi to most of the people I know in the office as well, all of whom were surprised to see me. They told me to wait while they sorted out the location of the pad, so I went back over to Aoi Hall and chatted with the teachers a bit more. I even got to say hi to Cris and Beth (both of whom graduated recently, I think). Une-san finally brought the pad by in the bags I’d sent it in, then wrapped in another bag, and rigged up a way to carry it. (Apparently, it had been stored in one of the student villas in the interim.) Problem was, I’d taken a duffel bag (inside a backpack for easy carrying) specifically to carry it, but it seemed somewhat unlikely; I’d misremembered the size, and it had been bagged up in such a way that trying to squeeze it in would have been an even larger headache. Thus, I carried my awkward foam-pad-in-a-bag and useless-duffel-in-a-backpack back to the train station and rode back to JR Nagoya.

Once there, I figured I might as well look for the Animate store, to which Tom had given me directions, so I lugged my crap through the station and out (coincidentally out the same doors where I cought the Willer Bus to Osaka), then headed left. The store was a typical otaku joint, with printed work on the ground floor and other goods above. I found some Persona stuff I liked, but nothing too exciting, and trudged back to the station. After returning, I turned right back around and went back out to shop for food, trying the wholesale market near the 100円 shop first (not much I wanted), then down the other direction to Seiyu.

I was really glad to get back from being out in the humidity, and after a much-needed shower, I put the pad on the already-comfortable bed, making it even more sleep-friendly. I may not sleep well in Japan, but that seems to be changing at ASU.


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