Solo Saturday.

The first Saturday after classes was my first day to sleep in, which I gladly did. I had no real plans that day, so I headed out, bought an all-day pass, and proceeded to my usual destinations: Sakae and Kamimaezu.  Sakae has the Daiso (the 105円 shop I first found in Okazaki) and a Book Off (used media and hardware) in the Skyle building, where we’d shopped after buying our phones. I didn’t find much, but I did take a close look at a used Japanese Xbox 360. There are a handful of games that will never be licensed for America, and since the 360 is region-locked, a Japanese version is the only (legal) way to play them. Kamimaezu has Yoshinoya, Mega Kebab, and Akamondoori, including Urban Square (the game center). I enjoyed a nice day out, and came back to the dorm well after nightfall.

That evening, I held a small English pronunciation class. Some of the Chinese girls had been asking for help in proper pronunciation, though the attendance was somewhat less than I’d expected. We enjoyed chips and cola and I taught them tricks for some of the more difficult English sounds. We couldn’t cover everything, but they seemed to enjoy it, and it was nice to be able to help out.

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