Monday began a new week of classes. I tried out the J4 reading class, which was much more interesting than the J3, and featured Tabata-sensei from (a) my J3 listening class and (b) the accelerated class at Yamasa.

In addition, I tried something out: there were five of us (two Koreans taking regular classes and three of us in the exchange program) who can’t really cook worth a damn, which makes us a minority in the dorm here. So I suggested we each take turns coming up with something easy and cheap to make, buy the stuff, and show everyone how to make it. I was first, and showed everyone how to make grilled-cheese sandwiches (which I’m told are true American cuisine). They were a hit, even with some of the other students who can cook. [Editor’s Note: I eventually abandoned this due to lack of interest.]

That night, there was a pretty loud storm. Woke everyone up, too. We don’t seem to have anyone who’s deathly afraid of thunder here, though, which is good. However, people were pretty weary the next day from lack of sleep, myself included. I caught a nap after getting back, and had some leftovers for dinner.

Because of my new schedule, a hybrid of J3 and J4 (and J1, if you count the only kanji class available), I only have one class on Wednesdays, and it’s not until 1:30. This is, in a word, excellent. I can stay up late Tuesday night, sleep in on Wednesday, go take my one class — composition, by the way — and then come straight back. The class itself is challenging, in part because it assumes I know somewhat more than I actually do. That’s always been my problem with Japanese: I know more than I should in some areas but less than I should in others.

Muki generously shared her dinner with me that night. I really like these people.


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