A little gaming with friends.

Distant fireworks on a lazy summer night.

The next few days blew by. I slept in on Sunday and messed with the 360 some more, Monday was a holiday (and I did pretty much nothing), and through the end of the week, I squeezed in some gaming, occasionally joined by one of the girls. Isou liked Dig Dug and Rez HD, Vanessa enjoyed killing zombies in Onechanbara Z, and Gabby liked reading the dialogue in Senko no Ronde DUO. We had our training-room orientation on Wednesday, and it’s free to use, except you need a pair of indoor sneakers because it’s Japan. Also during that week was a fireworks show for some festival (I never did get the name), which many of us watched with the Habas from the emergency-exit balcony. (Apparently, it’s not quite as strict as some emergency locations.) Unei got to use her new camera, as did I (since catching nighttime fireworks is a lot different than snapping photos of well-lit rooms).

I was ready for Saturday, however, because my friend Satoshi from Osaka was coming to Nagoya for a visit. I hadn’t seen him since the spring semester at WVU, and he’d promised to come visit me while I was studying here.

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