A visit from Satoshi.

I was able to sleep in on Saturday because Satoshi wasn’t due until afternoon. I learned later that he gave his visit an extra purpose. See, his girlfriend lives and works in Tokyo, so he doesn’t get to see her very often. Thus, they planned it so she’d also be here in Nagoya at the same time. He’d spend most of Saturday with me, and then have Sunday with her. He’s a smart guy.

Satoshi picked me up at the dorm in a rental car, and we were off. We grabbed a bite to eat at MOS Burger, browsed a used game shop, and then headed to Nagoya Station to walk around and shop and talk. I could tell he was glad for the chance to practice his English again, since he hadn’t had many opportunities after leaving WVU, and he seemed genuinely glad to see me. We knocked around Nagoya for a bit, then headed out to look for a game center. Unfortunately for us, the nearest one on the car’s GPS was nowhere to be found (meaning the GPS software was out of date). Regardless, we had a good time, albeit short, and he said he’d try to get up this way again before I went home. I showed him my room and the TV/kitchen area, both of which impressed him, before he left for his hotel and girlfriend. If only more of my Japanese friends were as available!


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