Shave and a haircut, 172 bits (at current exchange rate).

Since my Saturday had been spent with an out-of-town friend, I made my usual city run on Sunday — but not before finally going for a haircut. I’d been told of a place right across from Seiyu (the supermarket) that charged 1700円, which was cheaper than Mito-sensei’s haircuts back in Okazaki. I began with a younger guy, but he quickly handed me off to someone a little older (and presumably more experienced with non-Asian hair). The guy was super polite (of course), asked if it was okay if he also used the electric clippers (apparently, there are some purists in Japan who insist on scissors-only cuts), and proceeded to give me an excellent haircut. Also, unlike Mito, everything was included in the price: shave, cut, shampoo. I even let him take a little off the underside of my eyebrows, farthest from the nose. I made sure to get his name (つげ) for future reference, and hoofed it back to the dorm.

One shower later, and I was ready to leave with my friend Gabby, who’d decided to come along with me into the city. She’d been wanting her own memory card for the used camera she’d bought (instead of borrowing mine), and that necessitated a trip to YamaDen. We bused it to Hoshigaoka, where she found a good deal on an off-brand memory stick, then headed to Sakae to visit Book Off. Honestly, once we got there, I had a hard time getting her to leave! She browsed and browsed, determined to buy a book or two, and with great effort, she managed to find one she liked. We knocked around the city a bit more before it was time to go back, and we both agreed it had been a fun day.


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