Mochi Waffle Party!

Mochi waffles with the ICC.

There was a party scheduled on Tuesday by the ICC, a club that deals with ASU’s international students. I learned from John that there are actually two branches, one for each campus, and he said they don’t really get along very well. (It did explain why I rarely saw the same people twice at any get-togethers.) In fact, the only people I ever seemed to spot at both sides’ parties were two girls: Aiko and Natsuki. The problem with those parties is that I’m inevitably asked if I remember someone, and while I do, I probably met her at the same time as I met about six other people, and haven’t seen her since the last get-together from that campus’ ICC, weeks before.

Anyway. I’d been feeling run down that day, so I took a nap before the party and felt much better. The theme was mochi waffles, which means we used a rice paste in waffle irons. The mochi itself was largely tasteless, but people added in chocolate, cinnamon, apples, and other things. The kitchen was packed, and everyone had a good time talking and exchanging information. A couple of the girls even wanted to get a look at the Madoka sketch I’d gotten, and I happily obliged.


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