A real visit to Tokyo, Part III: Can’t I just stay here?

My last day in Tokyo came all too soon. Everyone was busy, so I’d be by myself once again. First, I had to get ready and pack up so I could check out on time. Another under-ten-minute shower, a quick sweep of the room, and I headed for the train station. My bus left in the afternoon, so I had some time, but not so much time I felt comfortable going anywhere too far away. I didn’t want to risk miscalculating train times (which even Tokyo dwellers can do) and miss my bus. Thus, I headed back to (say it with me!) Akihabara. There was a bank of coin lockers I’d had my eye on, and I found a mid-sized one unoccupied. Everything I had fit very nicely, including my now-unnecessary umbrella.

I feel like I finally made up for my painfully short visit to Akihabara last year.

It was early yet, so many stores weren’t open for another half hour or so. I’d already eaten a pair of Yamazaki brand yakitori sandwiches I’d bought Tuesday night, and I’d polished off one of the 100円 half-liter Cokes that seemed much more scarce in Tokyo than in Nagoya, so I was okay foodwise for a bit. I was also running a little low on on-hand cash, which was fine, since I was mostly there to enjoy the atmosphere. The maids don’t come out that early, so it was mostly early-riser otaku. I was still on the lookout for those two out-of-print games, too. I’d found one on Tuesday night (Under Defeat HD), but decided to check around first and see if I could find one cheaper. I’d had no luck, though, so I took the chance to go back and snag it. For the next few hours, I just explored the neighborhood. I found the Mandarake and marveled at just how big the place was. I looked at the toy/figure floor of Sofmap. I watched people win things in the game centers. I even found an arcade that had sit-down versions of notable scrolling shooters, as well as classic arcade games I used to play. I snapped photos of games like Cadash, a couple of the Metal Slug series, and others I never thought I’d see or have access to again. When I eventually go back, I’ll have to take some time and play there. I did take a moment partway through my wanderings to stop at their small McDonald’s and get a value chicken sandwich and a cup of water. (The sandwich was surprisingly good; I’m not sure we have that particular sandwich at McDonald’s back home.)

All too soon, it was time to go. First came my luggage, followed by a few trains and a short walk to get to the same approximate area where I’d disembarked two days ago. (Thankfully, the walk wasn’t nearly as long as it was to the Osaka Willer Terminal.) I arrived shortly before departure, which was apparently slightly delayed anyway, boarded my bus, and came home. I wasn’t tired this time, so sleep wasn’t really an option. Instead, I fired up my Nano and just relaxed, reviewing my photos and dozing a bit.

After I got back, I unpacked and sent out a few e-mails via the phone, caught up on the internet, and eventually went to bed. While I may not have had much time in Tokyo, it was much more than last year, and I can honestly say I really enjoyed myself. I look forward to going back someday soon.


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