Early Halloween and last-minute planning.

It was an atypical week for us. We would have classes Monday, three days off, and then Friday classes. Why they didn’t shift the days off to connect to a weekend, I don’t know. Regardless, I was intending to visit Tokyo, but hadn’t fully decided on my travel and lodging (which seems to be the norm for me). I briefly considered ditching my afternoon home-page class, but in the end I knew I’d never skip class. As soon as I got back, I started to finalize my plans, and eventually picked a hotel (the Hotel Maruchu) and booked a Willer Bus trip both up and back. I even thought about leaving that night, but that would have been somewhat difficult, and taking a morning bus the next day was almost half the cost. Not only that, but the other ICC was having a Halloween party at the dorm.

John had dug out a box of decorations they apparently made a year or two before and had kept to reuse, so we decorated the dining area with construction-paper bats, Jack-o’-lanterns, and paper-loop streamers. The ICCers arrived with some drinks and snacks and started making what I think were pancake-batter balls to be dipped in chocolate. (They even had to run down to Seiyu partway through to restock.) A few people dressed up, but I left all of my Halloween stuff back home. Even those of us who didn’t dress up tried to find something, whether it be a storebought witch’s hat or a pair of kitty ears. To my surprise, Atsumi from kendo club was also there (dressed as a soccer player she likes). Apparently, she’s in the Nagakute ICC as well. John ran to his room to change, and returned dressed as Bane from the newest Batman movie. His mask was his pride and joy, since he’d been working on it for weeks, and while it was convincing, he said it eventually started to make his nose ache because of the constant pressure. Still, it was a convincing replica, and entirely handmade.

Once the party had wrapped up and everyone had left, I hastily packed (which was easy, since past trips in Japan have shown me exactly what I don’t need to take) and got some sleep. The next day would come early, and I had a long way to go.


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