A break between breaks.

A three-day break midweek meant that once I got back, I had one whole day of class, followed by the weekend. The weather had changed quickly to fall temperatures, so I wore a jacket when I went out on Saturday. It wasn’t bad at street level, but the subways were way too damn hot. In addition, there must have been at least one major release in the otaku world that day, because Gamers was packed to capacity. Even with all five registers manned, I still spent an hour in a line that doubled back three times. Needless to say, I was glad to get home that day. Also, somewhere in there I’d finally decided to try a little walk-up place called Lee’s Taiwan Kitchen, which specializes in deep-fried dango and deep-fried chicken. Their hottest 唐揚げ is delicious, but the spiciness necessitates a drink.

The school field trip (seriously, they actually used the term フィールドトリップ) was the following week, so the next few days were basically a lead-up to our visit to Kyoto. We had an orientation one day, and everyone was required to put together a presentation on a different day about at least one spot we’d be visiting. Thus, I packed my duffel bag again on Tuesday night for another excursion.

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