Days go by.

As we get closer to the end of the semester, the time seems to go by even faster; I can scarcely believe another week of classes is done. I spent last weekend doing my usual, even managing to win a Persona-series hooded jacket (or, as the insert calls it, a パーカー) at the game center in La Vamo on Saturday, and on Sunday, I went to the theater to see a remastered 1986 Queen concert in Budapest (which was excellent).

The rest of the week slid by quickly, and while my cold is long gone, the cough just wouldn’t stop. I tried going back to the Kondo Clinic on Wednesday, but that’s their other afternoon off, so I came back empty-handed. I asked Haba-san about maybe trying another clinic, but he said I should try Kondo the following day and that he’d even drive me there. I made sure it was okay and sincerely thanked him, saying I’d come down the next day.

I get back early on Thursdays, so I killed time until around 3:45 before going to meet Haba-san. He readied up and off we went in his truck. It’s a short drive, and we arrived before 4:00, but they had apparently opened a little early, because there were already a few people there. It was a short wait, and the same doctor as before listened to me breathe a few times before prescribing what he called “stronger medicine” (in English). The bill was the same as before, and the neighboring pharmacy was quick to fill my prescription. There were four types of pills: an antibiotic to be taken morning and evening, two pills to be taken three times a day each, and one pill to be taken three at a time, three times a day, and all of them after meals. Despite the larger volume of meds, my bill was only 20円 more than the last visit. Haba-san had waited for me from the beginning, and on our way back, we swung by a day-care center to pick up his little grandson. I didn’t feel quite like I was putting him out so much after that.

By the time I got back, it was nearly time to leave for kendo. As usual, I stopped at the Circle K near campus (as opposed to the host of other Circle Ks in Hoshigaoka — seriously, there’s at least four) and got a little something to eat so I wouldn’t be hungry at club. The pharmacist had said it’d be okay to take my pills then, rather than waiting until my usual post-club dinner (which is closer to 9:00), and I wanted them to start working as soon as possible. I have to say that I found myself coughing much, much less within the hour. The meds kind of make my mouth feel dry, and I think they make me a little sleepy, because I went to bed early and slept very soundly until morning.

I was originally supposed to go to a local elementary school to help out and talk about my country today, but a week or so ago, I was told they’d cut the required students from seven down to six, and since I was the last to sign up, I’d be getting dropped. This meant my morning classes were smaller (and they’re already pretty small), and rather than having the 書道 teacher come all the way over here for one guy, they cancelled the class. I’m glad to be out early — though I do enjoy that class — but had I known more in advance that I’d be out early on a Friday, I’d have scheduled my planned trip to Osaka for this weekend instead so I had more time on Friday to visit. Ah, well.


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