Looking for a job (and finally finding one).

I finally filled out three online applications to English schools in Japan. Two of them asked me to submit more information (résumé, cover letter, etc). One of those responded to schedule a phone interview, which I had last night and think went pretty well. They followed up with an e-mailed interview test I’m supposed to fill out and submit by the weekend, and the two reference letters they requested have already been sent to them by my current employer and my college creative writing teacher.

I know it’s good to have multiple options, but if only one of them has actually shown interest so far, I can’t really be picky.

Update, 12/19: My second interview was last night, and I think I did all right. I won’t know until just before the offices close for the year or just after they reopen next year, and even if they want to hire me, it will still take three months to process a work visa, meaning March at the earliest. Either way, it’s progress.

Update, 1/26: After waiting nearly the entire month of January, they finally responded, saying they’ve decided not to hire me. Looks like I need to find some new schools.

Update, 3/17: Had a video-Skype interview with one of the companies that hadn’t gotten back to me the first time, which seemed to go fairly well. I was told I’d hear something in 2-3 business days.

Update, 3/31: Finally heard back from the second company to interview me… offering me the job. The next step is to print and fill out some forms, get a copy of my transcript, and mail them to Japan with a pair of passport-style photos. I don’t know when and I don’t know where… but they offered me the job!

Update, 5/2: Sent off the documents to my future employer (contract, transcript, photos, etc.), choosing the option that got it there without tracking in 6-10 days for twenty-five bucks instead of the option with tracking that cost forty-five.

Update, 5/9: Looks like it only took six days! Now I have to wait for my CoE so I can send it with my passport (and some other documents) to NYC.

Update, 6/21: I got e-mail this morning to let me know my CoE was in the mail.

Update, 6/24: Since I was at work when they tried to deliver it yesterday, I had to go to the post office today to get my CoE. Now to fill out the paperwork and send everything to NYC.

Update, 7/14: Got my passport back from the consulate today, with my visa and CoE attached inside. It’s official! Now I just have to finish going through years’ worth of my possessions, apply for an apartment through the company, sell my car…

Update, 7/19: I received my postings! I teach five days a week: four days in Tamachi (eight lessons) and one day in Kamata (five lessons). I had to look both of those places up and still don’t really know where they are.


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