Changes ahead.

While I really do like my home country and will miss many things about living here, there are a handful of day-to-day things I’m looking forward to after moving:

Reduced Politics. While I plan to keep up with basic current events in America while I’m away, I find that U.S. politics have become too polarizing. Conversely, I’m not really up on my Japanese politics (and can’t affect them, anyway).

Accidental Misuse Of English. Listening to Americans misusing English on a daily basis is almost painful. I know I’m gonna run into a lot of people in Japan who don’t speak fluent English — not just at work, either — but in those cases, it’ll be non-native speakers who are really making an effort.

Not Having A Car. I can’t say I won’t miss the freedom to go where I want whenever I like. It will, however, be a relief to be free of taxes, gas, maintenance, repairs, traffic, and other drivers. Public transportation isn’t perfect, but it’ll be a welcome change.

National Health Insurance. Japan has a marvelous national health insurance system in place that will eliminate my need to worry about the controversial system they’re implementing here. I’ve already got first-hand experience with it from my last visit, and it’ll be a comfort to know that I won’t go deeply into debt from visitng the doctor.

A Fresh Start. The thing about moving to the other side of the planet is that I won’t have any connection to my life here unless I want it. I can trim people from social media without having to hear about it later. I won’t run into ex-girlfriends. No one will remember that one time I did Something Really Embarrassing. Meanwhile, though I might not be able to visit them like I used to, modern communication will let me stay in touch with family and friends.

It’s hard to believe I’ll be gone in less than two weeks.


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