Odds & Ends (part 2).

  • It doesn’t look anything like this now. (Photo courtesy of Google Street View)

    A quick search on Google Street View last week showed me that before my apartment building was here, it was a Chinese restaurant (which would have been torn down for the new building’s construction).

  • A peculiar example of Japanese politeness: The other day, I stopped by a Sunkus (convenience store) on my way home, and as I reached the door, there was a guy on his way out. Out of habit, I held the door on my side open for him. He paused and nodded toward the door, gesturing for me to go ahead — which I didn’t, because I was already holding it open for him — whereupon he proceeded to open the door on his side, walk out, and then hold it open for me. Unbelievable.

2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends (part 2).

  1. Your experience with Japanese politeness and door holding had me laughing. I can just imagine the awkwardness that experience produced for both parties involved. It is so funny how different cultures encounter different forms of the same foundational concept (politeness) and find their worlds completely off canter when challenged.

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