A few updates about some of the problems I was having:

My apartment. Turns out there is somewhere to hang wet clothes: on the inside of the translucent window that opens out into the little area where the heating/AC units’ fans are. I’ll still need to get a pole or something. Hardly convenient, but there is something there. As I mentioned before, I found a laundromat down the street, so I’ve done a few loads of laundry since then. I think the dryers have been a little harder on my t-shirts than I’d like, but there’s not much I can do about that right now. The futon, by the way, is less than ideal; if I sleep any other way than on my back — which has never been easy for me — I wake up sore. Finally, I asked about my lease, and if I leave before six months are up, there’s a cancellation fee (which I remember seeing). Looks like I’ll be here for a while. Because of that, I’ve bought a few things to make the place more livable, and have a list of things I want that might counteract the apartment’s shortcomings.

Phone and internet. After some searching, I decided on a Galaxy Note III, which operates much like my tablet does, and can conceivably sync with it, now that I updated the older phone’s OS. It’s a good bit larger than my old Windows Phone, which I’ve occasionally been using as an alarm clock. It took a long time to set the whole thing up, largely due to the aforementioned OS update. (Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to sync the devices, which was primarily why I was looking at a Galaxy in the first place.) Internetwise, Ayumi at my home branch tells me that au wouldn’t be able to set me up there, but we haven’t yet scheduled a provider to come out. However, I discovered the other day that I can make my phone into a wireless hotspot, by which I can connect my tablet, old phone, old netbook, and even my Xbox 360 to the internet. The signal’s weak, but a damn sight stronger and more reliable than the flickering unsecured signal I’d been using before. As a result, I feel less disconnected from the world and have been gaming a lot more lately.

Bank account. With Takashi’s help, I got set up with a Tokyo bank. It also took a while, due to the translation and the fact that I’m a foreigner.

The weather. The temperature’s starting to drop a little, but the end of August meant the end of “cool biz,” which means employees have to start wearing their ties and jackets again. Fall can’t get here soon enough.

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