Odds & Ends (part 3).

  • Just like my last trip to Japan, my sunglasses broke before I even left the country. (They made it as far as the airport this time.) I actually managed to find a relatively-inexpensive pair last week, and they’re quite possibly the darkest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned.
  • Translated, my ride to the JR station (where I change trains) is as follows: Big Forest City - Peace Island - Big Forest Beach - Witness River - Shark Cay - Vegetable Alley - New Horse Field - North Goods River - Goods River.
  • My new vice in Japan is convenience-store fried chicken. They all sell it in some form, be it bone-in or boneless, spicy or regular. I’ve had more fried chicken in the last two weeks than in the previous four months.
  • And speaking of fried chicken, KFC in Japan doesn’t have all the side options like in the States. Instead, they tend to include fries with their meals. I miss the mashed potatoes.
  • Whenever possible, I like to go back and find people who helped me before — for example, the lady who found me my inexpensive sunglasses, the girl who signed me up for my phone — and thank them for their help. They always remember me, of course, and seem gratified they could help.
  • If you stop to ask about the next train, you will miss the next train.

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