Its own reward.

One of my students tonight was a Korean girl I taught last week. She came in a couple minutes before her lesson to check in, and during her conversation with the guy who works the front desk, I thought I heard her say she was going to quit. I didn’t ask, though, thinking maybe I misheard.

At the beginning of the lesson, she asked me if I had teaching experience in America. I explained that while I’d helped Japanese students at my own university and some of the Chinese girls with pronunciation at ASU, I had no formal experience. “Oh,” she said, referring to the previous week, “your lesson was so good, I thought you were a teacher.” I was extremely flattered.

After the lesson, she had another conversation with the guy working the front desk, then left. Once her elevator had gone, he turned and told me that before her lesson, she had indeed told him she was going to quit in November, but after that lesson, she’d changed her mind and “wouldn’t think like that again,” citing me as the reason.

It’s the little things that make it worthwhile.


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