Odds & Ends (part 5).

  • One of my regular Wednesday students was telling me how he sometimes takes his family out to eat. I asked him what he liked, and he said sushi and steak. “Are you sure you’re not American?” I asked, which got him laughing. He was surprised that sushi is also popular in the States.
  • While it may have happened often in Nagoya, I have yet to see any little old ladies diving for seats on the trains here.
  • It was good to see Dr. Sloane for a while.

    Dr. Sloane, one of my professors and my club advisor from WVU, has been in Tokyo for a few days now, and I had the opportunity to go see him in Shinjuku at the Hilton. He caught me up on a little news from the university, we had lunch in a restaurant downstairs, and then met a Japanese alumnus of WVU in a coffee shop. It’s rare I get to see people I know from America in Japan, but always a treat.

  • Also pictured: The prize she won in one try.

    My Chinese friend Aki-chan (her nickname) from the ASU I-House moved to Tokyo shortly after I did, so I got to meet up with her in Shibuya today. It was my first time there, but I did manage to see the Hachiko statue (much smaller than I expected). She and I had Ichiran ramen, where she outdid me by choosing 8x spice to my meager 2x, then hit a nearby Club Sega, where she outdid me by winning in one try what I’d tried to win her and failed. Despite her unintentionally besting me twice, it was really great seeing her again.


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