Odds & Ends (part 7).

  • wpid-20140922_210456.jpg

    Open all night.

    It took me about a week to realize there was a Family Mart about a minute’s walk away from my apartment. Now I go there almost daily for minor food purchases or to throw away a can or bottle. All things considered, this is a nice little neighborhood.

  • Something that bugs me: if the first floor is いっかい, then why is the eighth floor はちかい and not はっかい?
  • The good thing about the Yamanote line is that you don’t have long between trains. It helps when you just missed a train because the people in front of you were walking really slowly.

Sleaze knows no borders.

  • I work in Kamata on Thursday nights. My train stops at Keikyuu Kamata, but the school is on the other side of JR Kamata. The neighborhood around the Keikyuu side is quaint, with little restaurants and pubs. The JR side, however, is somewhat seedier, with pachinko and slots and a place called レティータウン (Ladytown). Whether it’s reactionary or precautionary, the city apparently felt the need for the above sidewalk notice, which reads, “Malign Busking Prohibited. Blocking the way, following people, and the like are illegal.”

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