For all you researchers.

In simple terms, my degree is in Japanese and Spanish language and culture. This means I’m not qualified to write much about sociology, psychology, physics, or statistics. Thus, I offer some possible research papers for people looking for ideas.

Game Center Physics: Gravity, Friction, and Other Factors that Keep People P(l)aying

Umbrella Theft: The Psychology of Rainy-Day Petty Crime

Tachiyomi: Condoned Loitering

Priority, Courtesy, and Alacrity: A Study of Train Seating Convention

Xenophobia vs. Allophilia in the Tokyo Metropolis

Japanese Language and the Slow Influx of English

Maid Cafés, Pachinko Parlors, and Host Clubs: Japan’s Niche Nightlife

… you’re welcome. I expect at least footnote credit.

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