How was work?

It’s been about seven weeks since I started working here, and I seem to have gotten the hang of it, more or less. A few things have changed, a few have stabilized, and I figured it was time for an update.

Ayumi at my branch is actually the area manager, so for the month of September, we had a guy named Ryouta, who just finished training (and will make way for) the new girl, Saori. Ayumi is now free to move between schools as needed, and Ryouta will go back to working at the main office.
One of my students this week has switched to Tamachi because it’s closer to her campus, but used to have my college friend Ashley as her teacher at another school (back when Ashley worked for the company).
One piece of bad news: the Korean girl who decided to stay with the company because of me is quitting at the end of this month (instead of last month). I asked her why, and she said she was moving back to Korea. I understand the reason, but it’s too bad; she was making good progress.

The other guy at Kamata took a three-week vacation shortly after I started — and got sick for a week after returning — so I ended up teaching a couple of his regulars in the intervening weeks. I might be wrong, but I may have unintentionally swayed one or two of his people to my side; he was back this week, but I still had at least one student I’m pretty sure was “his.”

My only real issue with Akabane is the distance (plus the early hour). Most of the students there have Akabane as their home school and come every weekend, and I really like most of them. I get along well with the other teacher and the girl working the desk there no longer seems to think I’m an idiot. They told me last week that the company wants to grow the school, though, so we’re apparently supposed to have three teachers on weekends starting this month. This means that for a while, there’s gonna be a lot of empty lessons (which equals drudge work). The three of us there were pretty happy with a two-teacher lineup, so we’ll see how it goes.

In general, I find I actually enjoy teaching, for the most part, and am pretty happy with most of my regular students. I can honestly say it’s better than I expected.


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