Change of venue.

As I’ve said before, my position in Akabane has always been temporary. I was sent there to fill in for a girl who was leaving to take a museum job, but I was never her replacement. Last Sunday, we got a new instructor at Akabane, and the receptionist was convinced they wanted more teachers to grow the school.

On Thursday, I was told this was not the case; the new instructor was the actual replacement at Akabane, and as of November, I’ll be be switching to Ooimachi on weekends until further notice. This means that next weekend will be my last in Akabane.

I can’t say I won’t miss the commute, but I had grown fond of Shad (my fellow instructor) and some of my students. Most Akabane students have it as their home school, and I see the same people every weekend. I feel like some of them have even improved with my help. Sure, it’s only been two months, but that doesn’t change anything. It also means I’ll be back to square one there, since none of the students will know me — which means no one will be booking me specifically.

Of course, until Tamachi opens on the weekend, I’ll just be filling on no matter where I am on Saturday and Sunday. At least I’ve taught at Ooimachi before, so it won’t be entirely unfamiliar (q.v. the angry Turk who thought I was hitting on his wife). We’ll see how it goes.

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