Birthday in Japan.

This was the first half of my dinner.

Today was my birthday. I had to work, much as I’ve done most every year. However, I had a plan: After work, I would have a huge meal at the Kamata Torikizoku. I came home and got my mail — which included three birthday cards from my mother — and then headed to Kamata. They were pleased to see me, as always, and I mentioned to the manager that it was my birthday.

You simply don’t get service like this in America.

I ordered and ate a lot of food. However, since everything’s only 280円, it was still affordable. As I left, the manager met me at the door and presented me with a gift: a bag of three pastries and a handwritten note wishing me a happy birthday. I went home full and happy, called my mom, watched some downloaded TV, and went to bed.

In short: Boring day, good evening.

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