Odds & Ends (part 10).

  • 20141110_132647

    The hole across the street.

    The construction crew who’d been dabbling in the lot across from the back of my house finally got serious, meaning they’ve been digging and hammering and generally making a lot of noise every single morning. As for nighttime, a group of people have decided that under that same window is a perfect place to park their scooters (and occasionally chat). Morning/daytime construction and late-night scooter-revving makes uninterrupted sleep difficult.

  • Starting this month, my schedule will undergo major changes, finally solidifying in January. Of course, what they say now and what actually happens are still subject to change.
  • Two of my students finished their lesson today and continued speaking to each other in English, even after I left the room. They took the elevator together as well, not once relying on what, for them, would have been a much easier language. It’s things like that that make me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

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