Seven days off.

Because of the New Year, the company shut down for the last three days of 2014 and the first four of 2015. This meant I had a full week off to do… what? Most of my friends were busy with family — the ones who hadn’t gone back to their hometowns, anyway. I considered traveling, but even if I went somewhere, what would I do and with whom? In the end, I decided to stay home and relax, get some things done, and save the money I would have spent on travel and lodgings.

So what did I do? In order:

  • Finished recovering from the company 忘年会 and had Pepper Lunch
  • Did five (tiny washer) loads of laundry and dried them
  • Rang in the New Year in Shibuya
  • Went to Yokohama for the first time to have dinner at 一蘭 with my old friend Takayuki
  • Saw an English showing of Big Hero 6 and went to 鳥貴族 with Aki-chan
  • Otaku Saturday (the day I go geek out in 池袋/秋葉原 and have dinner at デビル)
  • Spent the day at home and finally saw to my poor, neglected blog

… and I thought I’d be bored this week.


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