An open letter.

Dear Tokyo Escalator Users,

The escalator is a benign apparatus that exists solely to ferry people up or down different levels of a building. Statistically, the number of people annually devoured by escalators is really very low. Thus, I must ask you not to stop short just before stepping on or off them, especially during periods when the building in question is crowded. For adults with at least marginally-functional depth perception, I offer a helpful two-step method of using this mysterious device:

1) Look ahead for a flat spot.
2) Put your foot there.

By using this approach, you will be able to smoothly and confidently transition between solid ground and what you seem to regard as the jagged teeth of some metal hazard, and do so without risk of the person(s) behind you colliding with you and actually causing you to fall, thereby inadvertently realizing your irrational fear.

Hope this helps!

Your friend,

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