Odds & Ends (part 11).

  • Since I’ve been here, I’ve managed to amass a small treasure trove of potential presents, from Harry Potter to Peter Rabbit, Big Hero 6 to Magic Knight Rayearth. Whether it’s something I send to the U.S. or something I give in Japan, it’s good to have gifts at hand, should I need them.
  • Meanwhile, in the last couple months, I’ve finally acquired somewhere to put my stuff. A few trips to Nitori added some storage containers to my apartment, but the best thing I found was a plastic dresser at Ito Yokado. It holds all my regular clothes, plus extra towels and blankets. It also allowed me to nest and stack my suitcases for a smaller profile, making my comically-small apartment slightly more livable.
  • 20150319_213909

    Currently the most convenient of convenience stores for me.

    Keikyuu has had my home station under renovation since before I moved. Not the inside, but the outside and entrance. The latter seems to be nearly finished, and includes a small 7-11, which is pretty handy. They have a way to go, but the part I interact with is basically done.


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