Odds & Ends (part 12).

  • As much as I enjoy living here, there are plenty of things that can get on my nerves. Problem is, I’m often not sure which of them are because I live in Japan and which are because I live in a big city. I haven’t had enough experience with major US cities to compare.
  • The construction directly outside my window that woke me at 8:00 six days a week (seven in the last two weeks) seems to have finally come to an end. They’re still finishing their work inside, but I barely hear it since the building is done. I’d consider moving into it if it weren’t all condos.
  • My vacation request has been approved, which means I’ll be going back to the US in July for a couple weeks (minus travel times). Fortunately for me, my high school reunion and the anime convention I attend every year are on consecutive weekends, which means I don’t have to choose. It’ll take all of my paid days off, but (1) I can get one or two back if I swap shifts with someone beforehand, and (2) unless I get gravely ill, I don’t really have any need for them. I’ve done my traveling for a little while, and as long as I have a two-and-a-half-day weekend (which I know won’t last forever), I can technically leave on a Saturday morning and get back Monday afternoon, giving me plenty of time for a weekend out.
  • I was washing some dishes today when my phone started squawking about an earthquake. I could feel the room shaking a little, but I’ve never had my phone give me a (loud) alert like that. (I made sure to go in and turn the sounds off. I’ll notice if a big one hits.) According to one of my early-week coworkers, it was more severe where she was.

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