Hey! Cut it out!

On the way to Shinagawa, my local train waits at two stations for faster trains to go by. I was waiting at the first, Heiwajima, yesterday afternoon with a handful of people. The doors stay open when the train waits like that, and I kept hearing a loud, unfamiliar beeping I didn’t recognize. I looked around until I spotted its source: a man standing at the platform elevator, repeatedly pushing the call button. It obviously wasn’t working, but he kept pushing the damn thing anyway, making it beep over and over. It wasn’t until he started pressing it in rhythm that I couldn’t take it any more. I quietly excused myself to the lady beside me, stood up and walked to the open door, and yelled out,


The guy looked up at me as if I’d thrown something at him. I shook my head and went back to my seat, sat down, and murmured apologies to the mildly-surprised passengers seated near me. They looked at each other and at the man walking away from the elevator outside, and began chuckling and nodding. There are some advantages to being a foreigner here.

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