Old phone/New tricks.

When I first arrived in Japan, I had a Windows Phone and a brand-new tablet, neither of which I could use without a wireless connection. Since the tablet was larger and more expensive, I tended to carry the phone with me. I could get wi-fi at my home branch, any Starbucks, and occasionally catch the edge of a weak signal somewhere near my apartment. That phone was, for a couple weeks, my primary device. I used it as an alarm, handheld game system, contacts list, and app machine (Facebook, Messenger, Skype, LINE). Eventually, I got a domestic phone, and a few weeks later, internet in my apartment, meaning I more or less stopped using it.

A radio station near my hometown plays old 1970s American Top 40 shows on Sunday morning — which for me is Sunday night — so I try to catch it every week. For a while, I used a region-free streaming app on my tablet or domestic phone so I could listen without issues. Recently, though, they switched the simulcast to iHeart Radio, meaning the old app was useless. iHeart Radio, unfortunately, is region-locked — even on my netbook — but I could still stream the show from their website. Until tonight, anyway, when even that no longer worked. I thought for a moment, and on a whim, tried to see if I could download the iHeart Radio app on my old Windows Phone.

It worked.

One more reason to be glad I brought it along.


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