Odds & Ends (part 14).

  • I realized the other day that I’ve been in Japan for over ten months and haven’t once taken the bus (except the one from Narita to Haneda when I first got here).
  • It gets light surprisingly early at this time of year, starting around 4:00 or so as of June. I guess I’m used to being surrounded by daylight-delaying mountains.
  • A couple weeks ago, one of the decent guys I met at Yamasa started posting photos from Tokyo on Facebook. Turns out he got a grant to work here for a few weeks. So last Sunday, I met him — and an English guy who works the same program — in Akihabara. We knocked around a while, then headed to Tokyo Station and explored the shops. Ultimately, I headed home with a headache and they went looking for some firefly event. He’ll be here for several more weeks, so we’ll most likely get to hang out at least once more.
  • Sausages in Japan are generally of pretty poor quality. This is why, when I found some good pork sausages at オリジン弁当 (Origin Bento) in Oomori, and at a good price, I made sure to buy some. In fact, I stop on my way home every week and pick up a few, except when they’re sold out (which happened one week). I went last night and bought three pork sausages, and the girl behind the counter said, “I’m glad we have them,” referring to the one week they’d been sold out. I thanked her for remembering me, took my sausages, and left. I do like being a regular. EDIT: The sausage seems to be seasonal, and once September hits, it’s gone.
  • Due to an unpleasant and useless cough I’ve had for over a week, I finally went to a clinic this morning (the one I pass by every day). They checked for a fever, listened to my chest, looked in my throat, and then had me breathe fumes from a nebulizer. I then went to the pharmacy (which was a stone’s throw from my apartment) to fill the prescription: four days’ worth of four different meds. Total cost for the visit and the meds: 1794円. This is why national health insurance should exist everywhere.

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