Less & More.

Things I See Fewer of in Japan than in America:

Personal Vaporizers/e-Cigarettes
I have seen exactly one vaporizer here, and it was in the hands of a foreigner.

Bluetooth Earpieces
This one surprises me, but it’s true.

Not surprising, since they’re still associated with yakuza. I will say I see more than I expected to, though.

Girls Who Walk with Their Phones in Their Hands
In America, there are a lot of women who have their phones constantly attached to their palms when they’re out. Sure, people here use their phones a lot, even when walking, but I don’t see the stereotypical “I might miss a text by a few seconds” types like I did back home.

Benches, Trash Cans, and Public Restrooms
The lack of trash cans are a reaction to the sarin gas attacks. The rest I can only speculate about.

Stores That Take Debit Cards
Basically nobody here takes debit.

Things I See More of in Japan than in America:

Flip Phones
Most of these seem to be company-issued, since they’re cheap and pretty much everyone has smart phones now.

Unaccompanied Children
Japan really is a safe country, so the worry American parents tend to have about their kids is a few decades behind here.

Drunks on the Street
Despite coming from a college town, where drunk college students are the norm, public intoxication laws here seem to be more relaxed, allowing drunk businessmen to fill the sidewalks after post-work binges.


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