Leaving 田町.

My ideal schedule came to an end, as I knew it eventually would.

It started when my home branch went from three days of class to seven overnight. Next, the school was rezoned out of the Tokyo area and into the Kanagawa area, taking me with it. This meant I got pulled from my Monday and Friday schools, since they were now in a different area. The Kanagawa boss took the opportunity to start bouncing me from school to school, so I barely saw my home branch for the month of August. I actually liked one of the schools I got bounced to, but no amount of pleading or bargaining got me fully back into my own school, much less anywhere else I liked.

Finally, I was told by the Tokyo boss that the company was putting me back in Tokyo in September, which meant the school I’d taught in since starting with the company — and which wasn’t much newer than I — would no longer be my home branch. Also, while I’d been getting knocked around Kanagawa, all the nearby schools had been filled up, so my new home branch would be 王子, almost an hour from my apartment. On top of that, my days off were to change to Wed/Thu, thereby ending a seven-month streak of actually having the weekend off at work for once in my life.

My old students were unanimously displeased on hearing of my move, and my new school is too far for them to reasonably travel. I miss them, and they’re already asking me when I can come back. I’m told by other teachers that what’s happening to me is also happening to a lot of other people right now, which makes me wonder.

Oh, and the awesome sub-manager in Tokyo who was always reliable got shifted to his home area of Kanagawa the same day I was moved out.

The only consolation is that on Saturday, I’ll be working in Ikebukuro, so I can still keep up with my Saturday otaku activity, albeit with less time.

I’ll try the new schedule for a little while, but an hour each way four days a week is a little much, so I’m planning to ask for my old Monday/Friday schools back, at least. Not much else I can do.

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