Immigration followup.

I went back to the Immigration Office today in the pouring rain because (1) my new card was ready, and (2) my friend Christian — from Yamasa, who’s in Tokyo for a year to study Japanese — needed to apply for his student visa and was going there anyway. We had to go to different places, and I finished ahead of him because I was just picking up my card, but the wait was far less painful all around.

In typical Japanese bureaucratic style, they told me to bring the postcard they sent, my passport, my current 在留 card, and 4000円 — only that last isn’t exactly true. I didn’t give them the money, but instead had to go down to the Family Mart and buy a 4000円 stamp and then come back. How was I supposed to know? Regardless, I have the new card. Oh, and it looks like I’ll be going back next September; they only gave me a year (which is what I expected, anyway).

Afterward, Christian and I headed to Akiba for Pepper Lunch, then knocked around a while before parting ways. The typhoon-driven rain promises to continue for a while, so it’s a good thing I don’t have any real plans tomorrow.


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